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characteristics of the Nematoda

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Hypodermic-subcutaneous injection , Hypodermic-Subcutaneous Injection ...

Hypodermic-Subcutaneous Injection By this route the drug is mainly absorbed into the blood stream by way of the lymphatic drainage. Absorption is slower by this route

Free-hand sectioning of plant tissue (stem), What are the processes involve...

What are the processes involved in the preparation of plant tissue for free hand sectioning?

Decomposers - biotic components, Decomposers - Biotic Components Also ...

Decomposers - Biotic Components Also known as saprotrophs. Mostly, these are microscopic and are heterotrophic in nature. Decomposer organisms obtain their energy and nutrient

Role of biotic factors inducing senescence, Role of Biotic Factors Inducing...

Role of Biotic Factors Inducing Senescence Besides environmental and endogenous factors, biotic factors also play a role in inducing senescence. For example, due to an attack

Define the autonomic nervous system, Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Aut...

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Autonomic Nervous System functions without conscious control of central nervous system. This system controls the functions of cardio-vascular, ga

Describe the term - near-far problem, Describe the term - Near-far problem ...

Describe the term - Near-far problem Signals closer to the receiver are received with less attenuation than signals farther away. Given the lack of complete orthogonality, the

Explain the cultural practices of single crop, Explain the Cultural Practic...

Explain the Cultural Practices of single crop Continuous cultivation of a single crop over years on the same site causes accumulation of a particular group of microbes, which d

#ti.., what would happen if there is no revolution?

what would happen if there is no revolution?

Striped pattern of the striated muscle cells formed, Q. How is the striped ...

Q. How is the striped pattern of the striated muscle cells formed? The functional units of the muscle fibers are the sarcomeres within the sarcomeres blocks of myosin and actin

Why is the use of condoms, Why is the use of condoms not just a contracepti...

Why is the use of condoms not just a contraceptive method but also a health protection behavior? The use of condoms besides being an efficient contraceptive method also helps

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