perimeter and area of geometrical figures, Mathematics

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8.5cm square = m square

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Assignment, hi,i want know about Assignment work..

hi,i want know about Assignment work..

Find the area irrigated by this system, An irrigation system uses a straigh...

An irrigation system uses a straight 30m sprinkler pipe which is capped at one end and arranged so that all water is released directly downwards and pivots around a central point.

Between that two call numbers should she place the book, A librarian is ret...

A librarian is returning library books to the shelf. She uses the call numbers to denote while the books belong. She requires placing a book about perennials along with a call numb

Standard interpretations to derivatives, Standard interpretations to deriva...

Standard interpretations to derivatives Example   Assume that the amount of money in a bank account is specified by                                       P (t ) = 500 + 10

Calculate the height of the tunnel and the perimeter, The adjoining figure...

The adjoining figure shows the cross-section of a railway tunnel. The radius of the tunnel is 3.5m (i.e., OA=3.5m) and ∠AOB=90 o . Calculate : i.       the height of the

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