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Animalia, porifera characteractericts

porifera characteractericts

What are the main functions of the blood, What are the main functions of th...

What are the main functions of the blood? The blood is a means of substance transportation all by the body. The blood distributes nutrients, oxygen, antibodies, hormones, and c

Plant physiology.., why does the removal of the extremity of coleoptile pro...

why does the removal of the extremity of coleoptile prohibit plant growth?

Explain about the whey protein concentrates, Explain about the Whey Protein...

Explain about the Whey Protein Concentrates? You already know that whey is the residual liquid substance that is obtained by separating the coagulum from milk during cheesemaki

Homomorphic types - intra specific incompatibility, Homomorphic Types - Int...

Homomorphic Types - Intra specific Incompatibility It is characterized by morphologically indistinguishable mating types within a species. A proper breeding is required for th

Define functions of magnesium - macro minerals, Define functions of magnesi...

Define functions of magnesium - Macro minerals? Like Ca, Mg too has a role in bone formation. Soft tissue magnesium functions as a cofactor of many enzymes involved in energy m

Define the over nutrition obesity of infant, Define the Over nutrition obes...

Define the Over nutrition obesity of Infant? An infant is never put on a reducing diet. The chances of obesity are least if an infant is exclusively breast-fed till 6 months. I

Use values of biodiversity, Despite its importance, determining the value o...

Despite its importance, determining the value or worth of biodiversity is complex and often a cause for debate. This is largely due to the fact that the worth placed on biodiversit

Class of mollusca - aplacophora, Class of Mollusca - Aplacophora Worm...

Class of Mollusca - Aplacophora Worm-like, no shell, head or excretory organs mantle with chitinous cuticle or scales or spicules mantle cavity posterior. Aplacophorans are a

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