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Q. Show the application of Concrete crash barriers? Concrete crash barriers aren't considered as the best barrier design due to the following reasons when compared with flexibl

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Modes of failure • For safe design, a knowledge of the possible modes of failure is also necessary, e.g. failure of the structure could occur due to - Tensile fracture due t

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Concept of load balancing In above cases of concentric and eccentric pre-stressing, straight tendon profiles (or tendon shapes) along the beam span have been considered. If a t

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Question For drained reclamation, what will significance of smear zone bring by installation of band drains ? Answer Throughout installation of band drains, smear zon

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Strength: The strength of aggregates is determined from one of the three tests : Aggregate Impact Test In which the aggregates in a mould are subjected to impact caus

Mini projcts in diaster management.., any new innovative metods to protct b...

any new innovative metods to protct building from disater

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