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Is liquid ammonia is solvent?

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Molarity and normality, When 100 ml of M/10 H2SO4 is mixed with 500 ml of M...

When 100 ml of M/10 H2SO4 is mixed with 500 ml of My/10 NaOH then nature of resulting solution and normality of excess reactant left is

Chemical properties of aromatic nitro compounds, Chemical Properties of Aro...

Chemical Properties of Aromatic Nitro Compounds Resonance in nitrobenzene pass on a partial double bond character to the bond among carbon of benzene nucleus and nitrogen of th

A covalent bond between two elements, A covalent bond is likely to be form...

A covalent bond is likely to be formed between two elements which: (1) Have similar electronegativities (2) Have low ionization energies (3) Have low melting points (4

Organic chemistry, Tiffeneau-Demjanov Rearrangement examples

Tiffeneau-Demjanov Rearrangement examples

Physical properties of trihydric alcohols, Physical properties of Trihydric...

Physical properties of Trihydric alcohols (a) Trihydric alcohol is an odourless, viscous, colourless and hygroscopic liquid. (b) Trihydric alcohol has high boiling point tha

Describe dalton law of partial pressure, Q. Describe Dalton Law of Partial ...

Q. Describe Dalton Law of Partial Pressure? Ans. According to the Kinetic Molecular Theory, the pressure-volume- temperature relationship is the same for all gases. This

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