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Q. Optimal Input Combination for Maximisation of Output?

Equilibrium conditions of the firm are identical to the above situation which is, iso-cost line must be tangent to the highest possible isoquant and isoquant should be convex. Though the present problem is theoretically different. In this case firm has to maximise its output for a given cost. This is elucidated in the figure:

1544_Optimal Input Combination for Maximisation of Output.png

Figure: Maximisation of Output

Firm's cost constraint is given by iso-cost line AB. The maximum level of output that firm can produce is Q2since the point 'e' lies on the isoquant Q2. Point 'e' is the equilibrium point since at this point the iso-cost line AB is tangent to the isoquant Q2. Other points on the isocost line which is S and T, lie on a lower isoquant Q1. Points to the right of 'e' indicate higher levels of output that are desirable, however aren't attainable because of the cost constraint. Therefore Q2 is the maximum output possible for given cost. The optimal combination of factors is OK1 and OL1.

The above analysis illustrates that optimal combination of inputs required for a firm to minimise the cost of producing a given level of output or to maximise the output for a given cost outlay is given at tangency point of an isoquant and is cost line.

The above analysis is based on constant factor prices. If factor prices change, firm will choose another factor combination which will minimise the cost of production for given output or maximise the level of output for a given cost

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