Optical fibres manufacturing by chemical vapour deposition, Physics

Understand the manufacturing technique of optical fibres by using chemical vapour deposition method.

A Traversing oxy-hydrogen flame heats the reaction zone to a temperature around 1600 degree Celsius. The depiction of how a perform rod changes to a fiber is given in the demonstrated figure:

840_Conversion of preform rod into a fiber.png

Conversion of preform rod into a fiber

When the process is repeated along with different concentrations of the depart vapours, single can produce any needed graded index profile. When the deposition is over, the tube is collapsed within a solid rod called a preform through heating the tube to its softening temperature.

That deposited material is transformed within a solid glass preform with heating the porous material as without melting. The softening temperature is around 2000 degree Celsius. The solid preform is after that drawn or pulled into an optical fiber by a procedure termed as fiber drawing.

Conversion of preform rod in a fiber is completed by heating the end of the preform rod to its softening point and drawing off the fiber make its tip as demonstrated in the figure above. The fiber drawing method begins by feeding the glass preform in the drawing furnace. The drawing furnace softens the end of the preform to the melting point.

Then manufacturers pull the softened preform within a thin glass filament (glass fiber). To prevent the bare fiber by contaminants, manufacturers add an acrylate coating or a layer of plastic into the draw method before being wound on the drum. The coating protects the bare fiber make contaminants as like atmospheric dust and water vapor.

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