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Amphoteric  : Amino acids having the characteristics of an acid and a base.

Explain the Spinal Nerves As mentioned earlier, there are 31 pairs of spinal nerves that leave the vertebral canal by passing through the intervertebral foramina formed by adja

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Balanced diet: We have dealt with quality and quantity of food. Both of  these should be balanced in a diet. A balanced diet is a combination of various foods which can fulfil

how can the theoretical paradigms be used to describe family in Kyrgyzstan?

Explain Tidal Volume and Inspiratory Reserve Volume Tidal Volume (TV):   It is the volume of air that is taken in or given out during quiet breathing. The volume 1s about 500

if the moon is 240000 miles from earth how far is that in scientific notation.

To feel the 'spring' of air Secure a bicycle pump and place your thumb over the finish of the outlet tube. Next push the piston in forcibly and rapidly let go of it. What happe

Intrusion into the Nitrogen Cycle: Human intervention can disturb  the nitrogen cycle. Let us see how. When we grow and harvest crops. there is loss of  nitrogen from the soi