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Factor Scales

Mr. X is not overtly expressing any form of generalized distress or negative emotionality; he is extroverted and verbally fluent (A= 39, PSYC=40, NEGE=43). However, he may see himself as having few personal resources or coping skills for dealing with his problems (Es=43), and his courage may deflate under challenge (K=64). Because he is not experiencing any general distress, he is likely to be a poor candidate for therapy, because he has little or no motivation to change (A=39). He is a private person who does not like to be questioned, which he feels is n intrusion into his personal space (R=74). He is likely to be shy and to have a history of dependent relationships (A=39, R=74). He probably is able to take charge of his life, but is periodically dependent on others (Do=58). He may also feel he should take charge of his life but feels unable to do so (Es=43, Re=60); if this is the case, he may experience guilt and may need help readjusting his goals. Because he is under age 25, his Re T score of 60 suggests he accepts his parental value system.

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