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You see two IP addresses. The IP address is the one of Bt4. The IP address has ports 135 and 445 open; which indicates that it is a Windows machine. So the Nmap scan shows that the WinXP system has IP address

Next, I used the Nessus vulnerability scanner to scan WinXP for vulnerabilities. First, I started the Nessus server; by left clicking on its icon and then on the Start Nessus Server box. The Nessus server opened port 8834 and wait for a connection; sometimes it may take the server a couple of minutes to open this port. Then, I started my browser, connected to https://localhost:8834, and provided my username and password. The first time, my system did not recognize the certificate of Nessus and generated a warning message. I ignored it and accepted the certificate. If you use Bt5, check steps 6,7,8,9,10 of Nessus-Bt5 URL; of the Project URL. At the top of the Nessus window there are three tabs: Reports, Scans, Policies. I left-clicked on Policies, and then on +Add. The Add Policy window opened that enables defining a scanning policy. That is, which hosts and ports should be scanned as well as what vulnerabilities checks should be conducted. Nessus provides a lot of flexibility in specifying what Nessus must do. I used the default Nessus policy which is also very effective. So in the Name box, I simply typed Karvelas and in the Description box I typed "WinXP-SP2 Vulnerability Analysis". Then, I clicked on Next at the bottom right corner of the Nessus window. The next screenshot shows the Nessus settings. Note that if you use the Nessus of BT5, then in order to see (and click) Next, you must first expand the VMware Player to occupy all the screen of your host operating system. You can do this by left-clicking on the box at the right corner of the top bar of the VMware player which is located above the date and time.

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