Need hrlp to update current website backend, DOT NET Programming

Update current website backend (asp.NET) and build Rest API to expose data

I will shortly shape an HTML5 cross-platform mobile app. I at present have a website with a backend that I would like to use for the mobile app but to use it, I will want to make some amendments to the backend as well as build a Rest API.

I would like to find somebody to carry out the following tasks


a) Update current website back-end with numerous changes to models and editable fields.

b) Develop a REST API on the basis of current website back-end exposing data for a mobile app.

The current website and it has most of the functionality required for the mobile app.

I as well attach an image showing the features the mobile app will need to have.

Desired Skills are MySQL Administration, ASP.NET, PHP, API

Posted Date: 1/27/2014 2:44:24 AM | Location : United States

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