Need help in website plateform exchange, PHP Web Programming

Need help in Website plateform exchange

Here is a brief introduction to the kind of website/plateform I will need.

Expert that companies accounts with employees account within them have, to be able to be created.

Then they can post add on the site anonymously.

Then a second party worker (can create and account as well and possibly be charged a monthly fee) can work on these jobs.

Then 2nd party should be able to access the add click a link on it that will display a form and questions that can be filled with info.

Then validated and sent to 3rd party that validates those info about them, record some videos and audio as well.

Once done, third person validates it 2nd party receives a confirmation, and form goes in employer s list submitted forms associated to the add.

Employer is then informed (email) as well as is able to check file submitted anonymously.

Employer requirements to validate interest to have access to contact details once chosen.

Desired Skills are CSS, HTML, Javascript, WordPress, csharp

Posted Date: 1/25/2014 4:31:26 AM | Location : United States

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