Multiply the polynomials, Mathematics

Multiply following.

(a) (4x2-x)(6-3x)

(b) (2x+6)2


 (a) (4x2 - x )(6 - 3x )

Again we will only FOIL this one out.

(4x2  - x )(6 - 3x) = 24x2 -12x3 - 6x + 3x2 = -12x3 + 27 x2 - 6x

 (b) (2x+6)2

Now recall that 42 = ( 4)( 4)= 16 .  Squaring with polynomials works the same way.  Thus in this case we have,

( 2x + 6)2  = ( 2 x + 6) ( 2 x+ 6) = 4x2 + 12x + 12x + 36= 4x2 +24x + 36

Following are example of some formula

 ( a + b ) ( a - b ) = a2 - b2

( a + b )2  = a2 + 2ab + b2

( a - b )2  = a2 - 2ab + b2

Be careful to not make the following mistakes!

(a + b) 2 ≠ a2 + b2

(a - b )2  ≠ a2  - b2

These are very common mistakes that students often make while they start first learning how to multiply polynomials.

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