Multiple constructor, C/C++ Programming


public class ListNode< E >


   // package access members; List can access these directly

private E data; // data for this node

privateListNode< E >nextNode; // reference to the next node in the list

   // Method Name          : constructor creates a ListNode that refers to object

   // Parameters           : E d

   // Return value(s)      : returns nothing

   // Description          : initializes the parameters and sets nextNode to null

publicListNode( E d )


data = d;

nextNode = null;

   } // end ListNode one-argument constructor

   // Method Name          :  constructor creates ListNode that refers to the specified object and to the next ListNode

   // Parameters           : E d, ListNode< E > node

   // Return value(s)      : returns nothing

   // Description          : initializes the parameters and sets nextNode to null

publicListNode( E d, ListNode< E > node )


data = d;   

nextNode = node; 

   } // end ListNode two-argument constructor

   // Method Name          : method setData

   // Parameters           : E d

   // Return value(s)      : returns nothing

   // Description          : return reference to data in node

public void setData (E d)


data = d;


   // Method Name       : method getData

   // Parameters           : no parameters

   // Return value(s)     : returns data

   // Description           : return reference to data in node

public  EgetData()


return data; // return item in this node

   } // end method getData

   // setNext method

public void setNext(ListNode next)


next = nextNode;


   // return reference to next node in list

publicListNode< E >getNext()


returnnextNode; // get next node

   } // end method getNext

} // end class ListNode< E >

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