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The Maya Empire’s relationship with history was:
A) One of intense scholarship that recorded over 800 books’ worth of material
B) Not very stringent, since they were mostly illiterate and preserved history through oral story-tellers who roamed the countryside
C) One of indifference, leaving modern historians only 6 books’ of material
D) Less important than its relationship with the Sun God

Imperial China was divided into four Dynasties. They were:
A) The Shang, the Xia, the Tang, and the Zhou
B) The Zhou, the Shang, the Han, and the Xia
C) The Sui, the Han, the Ch’in, and the Song
D) The Ch’in, the Han, the Sui, and the Tang

Teotihuacan was very important to Mesoamerican history because:
A) It is the first known settlement in the Americas
B) The common occurrence of earthquakes makes this ancient city an architectural marvel
C) Its size and importance to international trade rival the Golden Ages of Athens and Rome
D) It was founded atop major deposits of gold, silver, and jade.

The Emperor Ashoka was important to the Indian Empires because:
A) He revolutionized the Hindu faith in a way that spread Indian influence across Korea and Japan
B) Although he was a military general in his youth, he was converted to Buddhism and spend his elder years dedicated to peace and harmony
C) He marched across the Great Wall of China
D) His four pet Lions symbolized the undying power of the Mauryan Empire, which was a great unifying symbol for Indian people

The Mongols’ rule was similar to which famous leader?
A) Alexander the Great
B) Julius Caesar
C) Gaius Marius
D) Aristotle
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