Momentum and energy, physics, Basic Statistics

Momentum and Energy
Statement 1: If there is a definite force there is a definite displacement, which means that work is done definitely by the force.
Statement 2: The work done is governed by three factors F, x and cos ? where ? is the angle between direction of force and displacement.
(A) Statement (1) is False and statement (2) is True.
(B) Statement (1) is True and statement (2) is False.
(C) Statement (1) is False and statement (2) is False.
(D) Statement (1) is True and statement (2) is True.
10. Statement 1: If a particle of mass m1 approaches another particle of mass m2 initially at rest with speed v, the speed of the centre of mass of system changes after collision
Statement 2: The speed of the centre of mass of the system will change only when same external force acts on the system and during collision only the two bodies interact.
(A) Statement (1) is False and statement (2) is True.
(B) Statement (1) is True and statement (2) is True.
(C) Statement (1) is False and statement (2) is False.
(D) Statement (1) is True and statement (2) is False.
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