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three application of microprocessor

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Calculate the fraction of particles - top plate, Consider a colloidal suspe...

Consider a colloidal suspension of latex particles confined between two plates. The plates are charged, so there is an electric potential difference V between them (as shown). The

Calculate voltage and current phasors on a phasor diagram, Calculate Voltag...

Calculate Voltage and Current Phasors on a Phasor Diagram A synchronous motor is operated at rated load and unity power factor. The field current is increased by 20%. Show the

Motoring mode of rotating machines, Q. Motoring mode of rotating machines? ...

Q. Motoring mode of rotating machines? The motoring mode has electric power input and mechanical power output. The electromagnetic torque Te drives the machine against the load

Explain input characteristic of common emitter configuration, Q. Explain Th...

Q. Explain The Input Characteristics Of Common Emitter Configuration? Input characteristics:In the figure the abscissa is the base current IB, The ordinate is the base to emitter

Write explanatory notes on hard disk drive controller, Write explanatory no...

Write explanatory notes on Hard disk drive controller. Hard disk drive controller: It converts instructions from software running upon the computer to the electrical signals

Find the minimum number of bits per byte, Q. If it is desired to store Eng...

Q. If it is desired to store English-language writing with 1 byte representing each letter, find the minimum number of bits per byte that could be used. Ans. For the 26 le

Core electron binding energies, Perform a Hartree-Fock geometry optimizatio...

Perform a Hartree-Fock geometry optimization calculation of butadiene using a minimal basis set. Repeat with the 6-311G(d,p) basis set, using the optimized minimal basis set geomet

Emi, #quest explain cro..

#quest explain cro..

What are the predefined interrupts in 8086, What are the predefined interru...

What are the predefined interrupts in 8086? The predefined interrupts are, DIVISION BY ZERO (type 0) Interrupt. SINGLE STEP (type 1) Interrupt. NONMASKABLE (ty

Determine the parameters of the equivalent circuit, The no-load and blocked...

The no-load and blocked-rotor tests on a three phase, wye-connected induction motor yield the following results: • No-load test: line-to-line voltage 400 V, input power 1770 W,

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