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Q. Show the Methods of material handling?

Methods of material handling during operations and maintenance activities shall be considered for all facilities to ensure that the final design will provide sufficient materials handling space and equipment. Special consideration shall be given for the dynamic movement of a load and lifting equipment and the effect it may have when installing and removing equipment.

Materials handling equipment such as davits, trolley beams, and ramps shall be provided as appropriate to handle materials such as chemicals and catalysts for plant operation. Trolley beams, hoists, monorails, cranes, davits or jibs shall be provided as appropriate to service equipment such as pumps, motors, scraper launchers/receivers, compressors, turbines, relief valves (nominal 100 mm (4 in) and larger), and manhole covers. These lifting facilities shall extend beyond equipment foundations into drop zones accessible to mobile equipment.

Trolley beams or davits may be provided at the top of columns with internals and/or with flanges over a nominal 100 mm (4 in) or weighing over 36 kg (80 lb.). Manhole covers shall be hinged or equipped with davits. Manhole covers on the underside of horizontal pressure vessels shall be counterbalanced if their weight is over 36 kg (80 lb.). Materials storage space shall be provided as appropriate for materials such as chemicals and catalysts. Removable sections of floors, platforms, walls and roofs shall be provided as appropriate for removing and lowering machinery components to grade level for further handling by mobile equipment. However, built-in equipment handling facilities shall be provided where practical.

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