Merge Sort, Assembly Language

Write a program to merge two sorted arrays to create a third sorted array containing all values from the two original arrays.

Merge is a key component to the mergesort algorithm. Suppose we have two sorted array A and B. We want to create array C which contains all values from A and B, in sorted order. Merge looks at one element from each of A and B, and puts the smaller one into array C. When all elements of A or B have been copied into C, the remaining elements from the other array are copied into C.

The pseudocode for merge is:

while more elements in A and more elements in B { if curr element in A < curr element in B copy curr element in A to next position in C else copy curr element in B to next position in C } while more elements in A { copy all remaining elements in A to C } while more elements in B { copy all remaining elements in B to C }

Hint: Think carefully about the subscripts you need for the three arrays.

Prompt the user and read 7 numbers into A. Make sure the values are in order.

Prompt the user and read 5 numbers into B. Make sure the values are in order.

Merge these two arrays to create the array C.

Print the array C.
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