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You work with Mr Akshay Kapoor, Human Resource Manager of an IT Company called LTZ. Mr Kapoor is the Chairperson of the Human Resource Policy Committee. Other members of the committee are Christopher Louise, Marketing Manager, Anita Ramlakhan, Operations Manager, Adil Kaudeer, Customer Service Officer and Yvonne Nyad, Quality Officer.

Mr Kapoor would like you to prepare an agenda as well as a Chairperson's agenda for the next meeting. During a conversation with Mr Kapoor, you make the following notes.

Date for meeting- first Monday of next month at 11.00 in Board Room

Minutes of previous meeting- to correct error 3.1, number of trainees recruited for the month of January should be 12 instead of 15.

Three special items to be discussed- Proposal to provide work placement to university students, resignation of Director of Administration and job enrichment schemes.

Work placement to university students-to discuss letter received from UTM regarding help with work placement.

Resignation of Director of Administration-Announcement of Shirley Lebrasse's resignation at end of month and discuss recruitment of replacement.

Job enrichment schemes-need to increase job satisfaction, ask members for suggestions.

You are required to prepare the following documents:

a) A Memorandum (including the agenda) for circulation to members.

b) The Chairperson's agenda for Mr Kapoor to use at the meeting.

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