Logical functions, Computer Engineering

Logical functions

  We have discussed the If, 'While and For' Statements, and have used expressions within our syntax i.e.
        If ( expression)
          Statement 1;
          Statement 2;
        while (expression);
        for (init;expression;alter)
        while ( expression)

We tended to restrict ourselves to simple expression i.e A == 5 etc. This is a simplification of what an expression really is. The equality sign indicates a logical identity i.e. true or false. Many other logical expressions could yield true or false .The most common ones are AND '&&', OR  '||' and NOT '!' , these behave identical to there truth table counterparts .  Therefore a valid expression could be

        (age > 40) &&( term < 10) 
  If age is greater than 40 and term is less than 10 then it is true or false 
        (age > 40) || (term <10)
  If age is greater than 40 or term is less than 10 then it is true or false 
        (age !> 40) || (term <10)
  If age is not greater than 40 or term is less than 10 then it is true or false

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