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Demonstrate that your program (include the program output as part of the final report) can produce the correct output with the following parameters. For each case comment if the output agree with the given parameters.

Case a. factory_delay=1, retail_delay=2, warehouse_delay=3, max_product=2 and max_revenue=4.

Case b. factory_delay=2, retail_delay=1, warehouse_delay=3, max_product=3 and max_revenue=4.

Case c. factory_delay=1, retail_delay=3, warehouse_delay=2, max_product=3 and max_revenue=6.

Factory thread:
    printf("Factory thread starting.\n");
   while (1){
     // lock revenue variable and test for termination conditon
     if (revenue>=max_revenue){
     if ((product0)){

         printf("Factory: manufacturing. | Parts=%d | Products=%d | Revenue=%d|\n",parts,product,revenue);
       if (product>=max_products)
         printf("Factory: stock overflow! | Parts=%d | Products=%d | Revenue=%d |\n",parts,product,revenue);      
       else if (parts<1)
         printf("Factory: no parts! | Parts=%d | Products=%d | Revenue=%d |\n",parts,product,revenue);      
     // delay the thread according to factory_delay
    printf("Factory thread terminating.\n");

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