loan program, Visual Basic Programming

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need help with logic part of loan program

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THREE MODELS FOR USER INTERFACE DESIGN   The 3 models for the user interface design are the implementation model, mental model &the manifest model. The Implementation Mod

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Graphics Device Interface - GDI:   The GDI is a windows API. The GDI uses a set of generic graphics objects to draw to the screen, to the memory and printers. Therefore the p

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Assume you are creating an order entry and editing application for a book store. An order consists of a product, quantity, total price, payment type including Credit/Debit card acc

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Message Box: The Message Box can be specified a title as shown in figure to specify the title for the message box follow by the command given below:  Private Sub Command1_C

Loop statement from inside the loop, You can exit a Do...Loop using the Exi...

You can exit a Do...Loop using the Exit Do statement. Since usually you desire to exit only in certain situations, such as to ignore an endless loop, you should employ the Exit Do

Hangman, how to add the hangman images

how to add the hangman images

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In this assignment, you will create an application that calculates and displays a customer's monthly cable bill. Your interface should look like this: Requirements:

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translate''Q''for insert into element and''Q''delete for deletion element into programming language

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simple interest using flowchart and psuedocode using the formular s= x + nrx

Default values for gdi objects, Default Values for GDI Objects: The de...

Default Values for GDI Objects: The default color for the brush is white, pen is black, and default bitmap is null and the default font is system.

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