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list The Java Class Library?

Java holds an extensive library of pre-written classes you can use in your programs. These classes are separated into groups known as packages.
The Java 1.1 packages
• java.applet
• java.awt
• java.awt.datatransfer
• java.awt.event
• java.awt.image
• java.awt.peer
• java.beans
• java.lang
• java.lang.reflect
• java.math
• java.rmi
• java.rmi.dgc
• java.rmi.registry
• java.rmi.server
• java.sql
• java.text
• java.util

Each package describes a number of classes, interfaces, exceptions, and errors.

Packages can be split into sub-packages. for instance, the java.lang package has a sub-package known as java.lang.reflect. These are really fully different packages. A class in a sub-package has no more access to a class within the parent package (or vice versa) than it would to a class in a fully different package.

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