Line balancing methods - heuristic approach, Operation Research

Line Balancing Methods - Heuristic Approach

 Heuristic mean serving to find i.e. to find out discover things for oneself. Heuristic describes a particular approach to problem solving decision making and control. Heuristics are often simple thumb rules which are employed to solve complex problems. They aim to provide ways to solve problems which at the beginning of an investigation elude rigours logical analysis. Heuristic models utilize common sense logic and above all past experience to tackle the new problems. Heuristics methods though have little if any theoretical foundations yet they provide most likely ( and if not the optimum) solutions which are good enough from a practical point of view.

Heuristic methods break down a complex problem into smaller and easily manageable sub problems. Then from the past experience of tacking different but similarly structured problems the promising solution for each sub most problem ( of new situation) is determined. Heuristic approach has advantages of consistency, speed and ability to cope with more data and larger systems.

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