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You have been tasked with the job of designing the new network layout for R2I's new location.

R2I has a fractional T1 line that enters the premises at Site B.

You can use: 1 router (Cisco 2xxx), 2-4 Ethernet switches (Cisco 2xxx or 3xxx), 2 servers, 3-6 laser printers, and 6-12 PCs as needed. For this assignment no wireless connections are to be used.

Answers submitted for the deliverables should be based on best practices presented in the book/class up to this point. 

1. Using a software solution of your choosing, draw the R2I campus including the  locations (work area) of employees and all proposed equipment.

2. What topology did you employ? Explain at least 3 benefits and 2 drawbacks of the chosen topology.

3. What cabling will you use for the various connections shown in step 1 (use at least two different types of cables)? This part of the question is best answered by creating a cabling diagram. Justify the choice of cables.

4. Explain the difference between routers and switches. What is the purpose of the Ethernet switches and the router in your proposed design? Research the switches and routers that meet the criteria listed above. Select a specific model of router and switch. Justify your choice.

5. Explain the difference between collision domains and broadcast domains. Identify all collision domains and broadcast domains present in your proposed design.

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