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Training to be a counsellor is a multifaceted process, which takes time and commitment to ensure success. An often overlooked starting point is examining oneself. Self-assessment is a review of your interests, values, personality, strengths, weaknesses, and view of human nature. The more deeply you analyze these factors; the better able you will be to understand your reactions to others in helping situations.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about who you are now, what has influenced your values, attitudes and beliefs, and how your outlook influences your decision to pursue counselling (or your chosen discipline). In describing who you are now, focus on those factors that how you have changed after this course. Since you will be working in a school setting, describe what you have "leant and how you would apply counselling skill in your work area.

The following format is a description of what I am looking for in a paper:

In describing experiences that influence your attitudes, values, and beliefs, avoid 'giving  chronological details (i.e., date and place of birth). Instead, use the following questions to facilitate your exploration. You may want to include.

1. What significant events in your life have shaped who you are? (E.g. think about work history, family values and dynamics, cultural events, etc.)

2. What have you learned about yourself from those events?

3. What kinds of positive and negative messages have you received from yourself, family, friends, teachers, and other significant persons, and how did these messages influence your worldview?

4. How have societal and cultural messages affected you? (i.e., the messages you've received about the ideal woman or man, messages about race and ethnicity).

5. Consider how your image of yourself affects the way you view your human nature.

How does your self-concept influence the way you think about human change?

Part 2

Hassan is a fifth grade student. He has been very active in school academically and in curricular activities, but recently his teacher has erotised changes in his behaviour. He has become more withdrawn and has not been participating in school activities, he gets angry often and frequently complains or' headaches.

When teacher asked, he has been uncooperative and has remained silent.

1.  From what you have learnt, about communication, explain how you would try to get Hassan to discuss with, you if there arc any issues.

2.  What are some of the techniques you would use to facilitate communication?

3.  How would you go about in assisting Hassan?

4.  In answering these questions refer to the counselling skills and the processes you have leant in the class

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