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Q. Interpretation and analysis using remote sensing?

Interpretation and analysis using remote sensing Various characteristics of a river can be understood by studying its planforms, their changes over periods, etc. Many of these aspects are important for a bridge engineer. River layout and planforms, like, meandering, braided, straight, etc can be seen in a synoptic view of the imagery. Further sub-division of the rivers like (a) sharp and flat, irregular and irregular, intense,
type of meandering rivers (b) island type and interlaced type braiding rivers (c) straight but stable / unstable, etc can be easily identified by the use of synoptic view of the imageries.

Detailed observations and analysis of the data can help to identify many features on the ground which are relevant to the study of rivers, like hills, rock outcrops, etc; hydraulic features like old, dead and palaeo channels, oxbow lakes, dry channels, flood channels, offtake channels, large and small tributaries etc. Man-made structures like roads, railway lines, villages and towns, etc; hydraulic structures like embankments, long spurs, barrages, weirs, bridges with their appurtenant works like guide bunds, approach embankments, etc can also be identified using B&W and FCC prints in combination or separately.

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