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The ABC Hospital is upgrading their version of Windows. As part of the upgrade, 100 new computers will be purchased. Your task is to prepare a standard installation and training documentation so that your new trainees can follow the documentation and assist in properly configuring each system. In your documentation you will walk the trainees through the Windows 7 installation process, as well as installing Windows updates, and configuring each system with specific users and groups, a defined folder structure, network address, printers, and group policies.

The first component of this project is to take 6 screen shots while performing the installation. Use these screen shots to describe the step-by-step installation process to your trainees. Remember these are new trainees, so be as thorough as possible!
For the second component of this project you will complete the setup process for Windows 7 by performing the following activities (remember to include screen shots for each activity!):
Create user, ITStaff, with local administrator privileges.
Password complexity should be set to a minimum of 8 characters and meet complexity requirements.
A second user, HospitalStaff, with standard user privileges and the same password complexity.
The computers will be set to static IP addresses. For the field test, use the specifications below:
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
DNS Server:
Configure a network printer on TCPIP port with a printer name of Admissions Printer
Configure a local printer that is shared as Admissions Color InkJet.
Create the folder structure shown below.
Diagram of the folder structure
The hospital needs to display a HIPPA warning reminding employees of patient confidentiality requirements to all employees when they log on.
Several teams need access to local printers which will be shared among the group. All users will need to access domain printers.
Finally, prepare a maintenance plan to install Windows updates.#Minimum 100 words accepted#
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