Individual user interests - information resources, Operation Research

Individual User Interests:

More specific information about users could cover the following: 

  • Subjects and associated interest - e.g. specific subjects, allied subjects; authors - individual or corporate - whose works are of interest; series in which the user is interested; periodicals,  in which the  articles are to be specifically notified; language constraints   
  • Education, training, and special expertise 
  • Foreign language competence 
  • Functions, activities and responsibilities in the institution 
  • Professional bodies in which the user is a member 
  • Technical periodicals which the user is receiving through society membership, subscription, etc. 
  • Types of reports - internal and external - received by the user 
  • Types of reports which the user is not receiving but would like to receive 
  • Outside organisations with which the user has academic or professional contacts  
  • Channels of communication between  the user and other groups in the organisation 
  • Kinds of information materials preferred by the user: periodicals, reports, tradeliterature, newspapers, etc. 
  • Types of information notices I services preferred by the user: Currentawareness services, abstracts, digests, data, state-of-art report, critical reviewsetc. 
  • Is the user an "information gatekeeper" in the institution? 
  • Is the user associated with any "information gatekeeper" in the institution? 
  • Approximate time available to the user in a day or week for reading scientificand technical information material  
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