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Important to Theoretical Distribution

The science  of theoretical distribution  under which  the frequencies of a variable are derived by  some  mathematical  model  without  waiting  for the observation of their occurrences in actual  practice or  through experiment is of paramount importance. Such a method of derivation of the  theoretical  frequencies helps  us in a large number of problems in our practical life. It provides us with  the data  on  the basis of which the results of actual observation can be compared and analyzed. Move over such  knowledge enables one to dispense with the observed data the  derivation of which  needs a long  process of collection classification and tabulation etc. Such  a series also provides a decision maker with  a a sound  basis to take rational and dependable  decisions it is also useful  in making  predictions  of the probable frequencies  of a variable on the basis of  some limited information or some  theoretical of the considerations. For  example  with such knowledge  the manufacturer of a certain article can know the  standard quality of the articles which will have maximum demand so that he should manufacture  the  articles of the  standard quality  only and thus  avoid the stocking  of the unwanted  ones.

Distribution which  are not  obtained by  actual  observations  or experiments. But are deduced mathematically based on certain  assumptions  are  called  theoretical  frequency  distribution.

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