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Q. Important issues related to SRS?

(a) System goals as well as requirements are different- Goal is a more general characteristics. For example Whole system must be designed in a user friendly manner or more robust system.

Requests are additional testable in nature. For instance all users command selection should be only using pop-up menus.

(b) Request Definition: It is a statement in a natural language stating what services the system should expected to provide. It must be understandable by contractors, clients, management and users.

(c) Request Specification It is a structured document maintaining the services in more details than definition and precise enough to act as a contract. It must be understandable by technical staff both at a developer and producer's place.

(d) Software Specification as Design Specification it is an abstract design description of the software which is the basis for design and implementation. There must be a clear relationship between this documents and the software request specification. The person who reads this document is system analyst, software engineer and project leaders.

(e) Requirement Capture as well as Analysis tt is the process of designing the system request captures through: -

(i) Examination of existing system.

(ii) Discussion with potential users and producers.

(iii) Personal interviews as well as task analysis.

(iv) Standard published documents and reports from the user.

(f) Feasibility Study

(i) It is approximation made weather the identified user needs can be satisfied using the current technology.

(ii) Weather the projected system is cost effective.

(iii) Weather it is probable to develop the system within the budgetary and time constraints.

(g) Suggestions for set up an SRS Document:

(i) Merely specify external system behaviour.

(ii) State the constraints on implementation.

(iii)It should record for thought about the life cycle of the system.

(iv) It must characterize acceptable responses to the undesired events.

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