Implementation of queue by using a single linked list, Data Structure & Algorithms

Q. Perform implementation of a queue using a singly linked list L. The operations INSER and DELETE should take O (1) time.                                                                           


Implementation of queue by using a singly linked list:

When implement a queue as a single liked list, a queue q consists of a list and two pointers, q.front and the q.rear.

inserting an element is stated below:



p=getnode(); info(p) = x; next(p) = null; if(q.rear == null)

q.front = p;


next(q.rear) = p;

q.rear = p;


deletion is stated below:





printf("queue overflow");



p=q.front; x=info(p); q.front=next(p); if(q.front == null) q.rear = null; freenode(p); return(x);


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