I want java web developer finish a webcam site, JAVA Programming

Java Web Developer

A web developer is required to finish a webcam site with basic account management and voting functionality.

The website can make use of a third party flash video server, Red5, to take webcam feeds from circa 5 users webcams at any provided time and stream these videos simultaneously back to any number of viewers of the web page via a Red5 server.

A server with MySQL, Apache, PHP and Red5 server is accessible for the web developer to use in building the application.

Only functional HTML is needed as the web design of the site is out of scope of this role.

JavaScript will require to be written to handle the bulk of the web functionality with PHP available to handle the sites user account management functionality.

System expertise and knowledge required

  • HTML

o Functional HTML required, such that a third party web-designer can improve the aesthetics at a later stage

  • Javascript

o To be used to handle the client side logic of the website

  • PHP

o To be used to get the server side logic

  • Integration of third party video plug-in Red5 into web pages

Java, Flash, JavaScript, PHP

Posted Date: 1/27/2014 4:53:09 AM | Location : United States

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