I want android application with motion detection, JAVA Programming

I want Android application with motion detection

Project Description:

We need to develop a simple application for android which uses motion detection libraries from open source projects (there are various - and experience with one of these would be significant advantage)

Here is what we require from the application

The user can open application and see the viewfinder output on the screen. For sake of an example - the hardware this can be used in conjunction with will be the lenovo YOGA tablet, which stands on a desk in front of the user. User will stand back up to 2 meters back from the device.

The motion detection algorithm detects a wave (right to left motion of hand) - this detection stimulates a menu. To clarify, a single motion is filtered out, the user has to wave - side to side, and to be recognized as the principal instruction

The menu options (two icons) appear either side of the hand - or close around the hand on the viewfinder output

If the user motions "over" the right hand icon, a standard android action may be called

If the user motions over the left hand icon, another standard android action can be called.

At the moment, we only need proof of idea. The project will develop from here if we are satisfied.

We will provide some information/examples/libraries on exactly we want - once we find the right person. Then, first off, we just need the proof of concept application.

Skills required:

Java, Android

Posted Date: 1/27/2014 5:11:28 AM | Location : United States

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