I need very easy project in metatrader, DOT NET Programming

I need very easy project in metatrader

Project Description:

I have 3 indicators.... ADX, emas crossover and macd crossover! They are all signals, arrows! But i would like to put them jointly and when they pop up on similar candle to pop as one arrow! I have made picture of it so you can imagine better!

What i am looking for?

1. macd and ADX as arrow

2. ADX, emas, macd as other arrow

ADX- should be as original, no changes

EMAS crossover : 12,21 and RSI if it is possible!

Skills required:

.NET, Finance, C# Programming, Metatrader

Posted Date: 1/25/2014 5:35:11 AM | Location : United States

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