I need erp system, Database Management System

I need ERP system

We are selling automotive spare parts on the internet and we require ERP software, which would sync with our e-shop. Our e-shop doesn't use any e-commerce platform. It is self made.

ERP will use "ready-platform", but I will tell you already on the starting, that we will draw our own modules in excel, and we want that this software has same or the same layout and options. If you can have any suggestions, e.g. ready software, we will take a look on it and show.

Here is list with basic features we want in our ERP:

  • Order preparation (Invoicing, picking lists and packing, shipping)
  • Sync with e-shop (Information about orders are synced both ways, e.g. if we can ship product on ERP, it will send info to web-shop and update order status and add tracking number)
  • Products to order (Generate list with all products which we has to order on which supplier)
  • Report making (e.g. sales, products, orders etc...)
  • Expense manager (Possibility to register all incoming receipts and invoices, sort them by date and category, e.g. marketing, products, and fuel and so on)
  • Bar code system (When we buy products and register them in the system, it prints barcodes, and make this product related to specific order. Afterwards barcode reader will be used for order preparation.
  • Two company and stock system (We have two companies (Nr.1 and Nr.2) in two different countries, and frequently customer buy products from company Nr.2, but company Nr.1 is the one which has this products. It means software has to administer all processes between the companies and each processes in each of them separately.
  • ERP must be running on server, so we will access it from anywhere. (We choose software-based ERP, not web-based. But if you will show some fine example on web-based)

Skills required are Database Administration, MySQL, Microsoft, PHP, Software Architecture

Posted Date: 1/29/2014 4:13:33 AM | Location : United States

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