I need a windows sharepoint services or similar solution, DOT NET Programming

I need a Windows SharePoint Services or Similar Solution

My company desires a reliable way of managing the documents online for each of its clients.

The solution would want to allow about 15 different people to access the drive. We would want to be able to set varying permission levels for the people. Some people would be capable to upload, rename, delete etc and others just view the folders and files contained within the folders.

My company is currently using Google Drive - however without permission levels. We create a folder for each client as well as then place the pdf, word, image files etc inside the folder. We are able to then create hyperlinks to each of the documents to email to others as needed.

We have had lots of problems with Google Drive and we would like to switch over to either a local server in our office or another online service that we can more effortlessly customize and protect.

However one of the chief things that we need is the ability to have the system to automatically create permanent hyperlinks

Posted Date: 1/25/2014 4:26:30 AM | Location : United States

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