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Who first discovered eye anatomy?

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Soil – plant – animal relationship, Soil – plant – animal relationship ...

Soil – plant – animal relationship The plants derive the minerals from soil, and the animals from the plants / feed they consume and there is a dependent interrelationship bet

Define other consideration for dietary management, Define other considerati...

Define other consideration for Nutrient Requirement and Dietary Management Oral intake is generally feasible only during the anabolic phase wherein the patient should be given

Acute complications of ptca, Acute Complications of PTCA :  The incide...

Acute Complications of PTCA :  The incidence of complications after PTCA that require emergency surgery has reduced considerably in the present era. Introduction of stents, pe

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How are gametes formed in the pteridophyte life cycle, by mitosis or meiosis? What is the type of meiosis that occurs in pteridophytes? In pteridophytes gametes are made by mit

Define need of vitamin c during pregnancy period, Define need of vitamin C ...

Define need of vitamin C during pregnancy period? Vitamin C deficiency has not been shown to affect the course or outcome of pregnancy in humans, although low plasma levels hav

Quantitative or analytical method for estimation of nitrogen, Define Quanti...

Define Quantitative or Analytical Method for Estimation of Nitrogen and Protein? You may recall reading earlier that proteins contain nitrogen along with carbon, hydrogen and s

Explain early diastolic sound in diastolic, Explain Early Diastolic Sound i...

Explain Early Diastolic Sound in diastolic ? a) Opening snap (0s) of Rheumatic MS: High frequency sound. Generation of sound: Because of high LA pressure, the superior systolic

Explain limited mucosal contact diarrhoea, Q. Explain Limited mucosal conta...

Q. Explain Limited mucosal contact diarrhoea? Limited mucosal contact diarrhoea: It results from situations of inadequate mixing of chyme (semi-liquid mass of food passing thro

What are the symptoms of brown-sequard syndrome, What are the Symptoms of B...

What are the Symptoms of Brown-Sequard syndrome Symptoms of Brown-Sequard syndrome usually appear after an affected individual experiences a trauma to the neck or back. First s

Respiration, how energy enters and then flows through a biologial system?

how energy enters and then flows through a biologial system?

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