Http post images to a php file on web server, DOT NET Programming

Need code for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 that will http post images to a php file on web server.

Project Description:

I am working on two projects on both Windows 8/RT and Windows phone 8 that needs code to upload to a web server through http post to a php file and then stored to a location on web server.

I need code for

- Windows 8/ RT(c#, Select an image and upload it)

- Windows Phone 8 (c# - Select an image and upload it)

- PHP(Where images will be posted to from windows 8 and windows phone 8 code to be stored on web server)

There are lot of code samples on the web to help you in this task

Skills required:

C# Programming, Software Architecture, PHP, Windows 8, Windows Phone

Posted Date: 1/28/2014 3:06:50 AM | Location : United States

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