How typical dma controller can be interfaced to 8086/8085, Electrical Engineering

Show how a typical DMA controller can be interfaced to an 8086/8085 based maximum mode system.

For 8088 in maximum mode:

The RQ/GT1 and RQ/GT0 pins are utilized to issue DMA signals of request and receive acknowledge. Sequence of events of a usual DMA process

1. Peripheral asserts one of the request pins, for example: RQ/GT1 or RQ/GT0 (has higher priority)

2. 8088 finishes its current bus cycle and enters in a HOLD state

3. 8088 grants the right of bus control through asserting a grant signal via similar pin as the request signal.

4. DMA operation starts

5. Upon end of the DMA operation, there peripheral asserts the request/grant pin again to relinquish bus control.

838_typical DMA controller.png

Typical DMA controller

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