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Q. How to Working in Dreamweaver?

Let's now start our journey into the realm of Dreamweaver. We begin with typing in a few test lines in Design view. See that how our work area has been divided into two windows, one is displaying our text and the other is displaying the corresponding HTML code.

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Dreamweaver can display a document in 3 ways:

  • As a Design view
  • As a Code view
  • As a split view that shows both the design and the HTML code.

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(To change the view in which you're working, select a view in Dreamweaver toolbar.) By default, Dreamweaver displays Document window in Design view. You would be working most of the time in design view and perform actions like cutting, pasting, inserting tables, pictures and so on. For changing or altering HTML / scripting side, you have to work in code view.

Additionally, you can work with Dreamweaver's Design view in two different ways-in Layout view and Standard view. (You select these views in View category of Objects panel.) In the Layout view you can design a page layout, insert graphics, text and other media. In the Standard view, in addition to inserting graphics text and media, you can also insert layers, create frame documents, create tables and apply other changes to your page-options which aren't available in the Layout view.

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