How many timers does igrp have, Computer Networking

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How many timers does IGRP has

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Persistent and no persistent connections, Persistent and No persistent Conn...

Persistent and No persistent Connections HTTP can use  both  persistent  and non persistent connection. By defaults  uses persistent  connections. Persistent Connections

Determine the specification of fddi, FDDI has four specifications: 1. M...

FDDI has four specifications: 1. Media Access Control it defines how the medium is accessed 2. Physical Layer Protocol it defines data encoding/decoding procedures 3. Phy

What is unbound transmission media, Unbound Transmission Media Unbound ...

Unbound Transmission Media Unbound transmission media extend beyond the limiting confines of cabling. They give a good communication alternative for WANS. The lack of physical

Ppp authentication chap pap secret, As the system administrator, you type "...

As the system administrator, you type "ppp authentication chap pap secret". Name the authentication method is used first in setting up a session? Ans)  the authentication method

Network, do you do paraphrase

do you do paraphrase

Higher bandwidth - computer network, Higher bandwidth Fibre  optic  ...

Higher bandwidth Fibre  optic  cable an  support  dramatically higher bandwidths than  either   twisted pair or  coaxial  cable currently data rates  and bandwidth utilizatio

What is two types of errors, Q. What is Two Types of Errors? Single-Bi...

Q. What is Two Types of Errors? Single-Bit Errors: Merely one bit in the data unit has changed Burst Errors of length 'n': 2 or more bits in the data unit have changed (

State the specification of high-end server, State the specification of high...

State the specification of high-end server A mid-range or high-end server with the following specifications would be sufficient for a medium to large organisation: A Pentiu

Explain about wireless ethernet, Wireless Ethernet (802.11) a) Operates...

Wireless Ethernet (802.11) a) Operates on physical plus data link layers b) BSS (Basic service set) stationary or mobile wireless stations and a central base station known a

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