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According to Morgan (2006), "All theories of organization and management are based on implicit images or metaphors that lead us to see, understand, and manage organizations in distinctive yet partial ways" (p. 4). Morgan identifies eight common metaphors including organizations as (a) machines, (b) organisms, (c) brains, (d) cultures, (e) political systems, (f) psychic prisons, (g) flux and transformation, and (h) instruments of domination. An important element of viewing an organization in a metaphorical sense (e.g., as a machine) is that it helps us to see some things about an organization but inhibits us from seeing other things. Research two different metaphors for organizations. You may use two of those proposed by Morgan (2006) or you may identify other common metaphors. For each metaphor, describe what it helps you to see and to understand about organizations. Make sure to discuss what each metaphor suggests about how humans and their behaviours are perceived in the organization. Also, describe what the metaphor might keep you from seeing clearly. Compare and contrast the two metaphors that you have chosen. How are they similar? How are they different? How might being able to switch between the metaphors help you be a more effective leader and enhance organizational behaviour?

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