How do you implement server-side include directives, DOT NET Programming


(a) How do you implement the following in ASP.NET:

(i) Server-side Comments
(ii) Server-side Include Directives.

(b) (i) Give two reasons why the IsPostBack property is essential while binding data to a Web Control?

(ii) Outline the main steps required to bind a ListBox Control to the database table field "Category_Name" from the "tblCategory" database table.

(c) The Repeater control uses templates to control formatting. Define the five types of templates supported by the Repeater control.

(d) Write an ASP.NET program that retrieves a count of the records in the Movie database table and displays the result in a Label control as follows:

There are 87 records in the Movie database table

The path to the database: C:\databases\VideoClub.mdb

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