How can you create the new system, Software Engineering

How can you create the new system

 System is to be computerised. Following will be created:

(i)                 All DVD and CD data will be stored on a database  

(ii)               All items for sale will have a bar code on them  

(iii)             A sales file will be set up  

(iv)             A database will be created showing supplier and customer details

A customer goes into the shop and finds a CD/DVD she/he wants to buy. Shop assistant scans the bar code on item and CD/DVD details have been found including its price. Stock files are updated (i.e. 1 is reduced from the number in stock) and takings file updated. Stock levels for that item are checked and an automatic order is sent out after accessing supplier database.

If customer has requested the assistant to find a specific CD/DVD assistant keys in the name/artist and finds out if item is in stock, where it can be found and it's price (the subsequent stage is the same as above). If item isn't in stock, assistant takes customer details and updates the database and adds a request for that item to be ordered and this is added to customer's file.


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