How a shift register can be used as a ring counter, Computer Engineering

Explain how a shift register can be used as a ring counter giving the wave forms at the output of the flipflops.


Shift Register as a Ring Counter: A Ring Counter is a Circular Shift Register along with only one flip-flop being set at any exacting time; all other are cleared. The particular bit is shifted from one flip-flop to another to produce the sequence of timing signals. Fig.(a) demonstrates a 4-bit shift register linked as a ring counter. The initial value of the register is 1000, that produces the variable T0. The single bit is shifted right along with every clock pulse and circulates back from T3 to T0. Each flip-flop is in the 1 state once all four clocks pulses and generates one of the four timing signals demonstrates in Fig.(b). All output becomes 1 after the negative-edge transition of a clock pulse and keeps 1 during the next clock pulse.

1666_4-bit shift register connected as a ring counter.png

Fig.(a) 4-bit shift register connected as a ring counter.


261_Waveforms at the output of Flip-Flops.png

Fig.(b) Waveforms at the output of Flip-Flops

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