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#The ABC Organization
Unadjusted Trial Balance
As of 31 December 2012
Account Codes
Furniture and fixtures
Supplies inventory
Pledged contributions receivable
Accounts Receivable
Salary advance
Prepaid insurance
Income from pledged contributions
Interest income
Public donations
Accounts payable
Fund balance
The following information for unrecorded transactions and internal events is provided as basis for adjusting entries at the end of December 2012:
1) $3,000 of the $5,000 salary advances granted had been earned by staff members during the month of December 2012. (Part A)
2) The organization received a firm pledge for a contribution of $50,000 from Government X on 30 June 2012 through a field office but this was not yet included in the HQ trial balance. (Part A)
3) The cost of insurance premium which was paid in advance on 1 July 2012 was for a one year policy. Fifty per cent of the value of the prepaid insurance had expired. (Part A)
4) The unpaid pledged contribution of $50,000 from Government X was paid in cash on 28 December 2012 through the field office and the Resident Representative sent a fax requesting to have the amount reflected in the statements. The cash contribution was transferred to the Headquarters account by cable. (Part A)
5) Supplies used during December, $1,300. (Part A)
6) Wages incurred but not yet paid, $25,000. (Part A)
7) Depreciation on furniture and fixtures. The organization uses straight-line depreciation (indirect method) on its furniture and fixtures which have an estimated useful life of five years and no salvage value. The furniture was purchased on 1 January 2012. The depreciation has not yet been recorded for the year. (Part A)
8) Estimated uncollectible accounts receivable is 5% of $1,700. (Part A)
Part A: Prepare journal entries for the above transactions
Part B: Prepare an adjusted trial balance using the format below, adding additional accounts as required

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