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On running the simulation, a data display will automatically open, similar to that shown in figure. The red circle is the source mismatch stability curve. This will give an indication of where you need to choose your point. The purple circles are the constant available gain curves that arise from mismatching the source. These curves assume that the output is conjugately matched. The gain for each curve is given by the data matrix which is set by an equation on the bottom right of the data display window. The green curves are circles of constant noise. The values of these circles are again set by a data matrix which is set by an equation. If the specified noise figure is below the minimum noise figure (NFmin) then no circle is drawn. This explains why there may be more parameters than circles. The action you need to take is to select the appropriate gain circle and then move the GS marker to the position you want. The position of the marker will be governed by its position relative to the noise circles and the stability circles. As you move the GS marker the input and output impedances - that you need to match - are automatically updated. The equations used to perform the necessary mathematics can be found by clicking the equations tab on the bottom of the data display. These do not need to be changed and if you do I cannot guarantee that they will work.

219_GetSParameters data display.png

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