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what is gateway?

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What is nic and wan, What is NIC and WAN? NIC is short for Network Inte...

What is NIC and WAN? NIC is short for Network Interface Card. This is a peripheral card that is joined to a PC in order to connect to a network. Each NIC has its own MAC addres

Connection multiplexing, CONNECTION MULTIPLEXING:  In various circumst...

CONNECTION MULTIPLEXING:  In various circumstances transceiver can be in convenient e.g. workstations in a LAN. Connection multiplexer acts multiple computers to a single tran

sorting circuit along with odd-even merging circuit, As we previously know...

As we previously know, the merge sort algorithm needs two circuits, i.e. one for merging and second for sorting the sequences. Thus, the sorting circuit has been derived from the a

Internet control message protocol layer, Simulate extremely limited forms o...

Simulate extremely limited forms of IP and ICMP. You will simulate 6 computers, 4 hosts and 2 routers, that are connected in an imaginary network with the topology as shown belo

Combine subtitution and transposition, how to own cipher to encrypt and dec...

how to own cipher to encrypt and decrypt message by combine both substitution ans transposition algorithm using c program

Layer on which layer does l2f, Write the layer on which layer does L2F, PPT...

Write the layer on which layer does L2F, PPTP and L2TP operate?

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